• TSX-V:FORT$0.62
  • BTCUSD$53,389.50
  • FORT/GAM Hash rate: 131 PH/S
  • FORT/GAM Containers Live: 10


Flare gas with GAM System off

Flare gas with GAM System off

Flare gas with GAM System on

Flare gas with GAM System on

Fortress ESG Operation

Great American Mining is unique in having a team with both the skill and experience to execute large scale deployments of the type we are envisaging, while also being co-led by a well respected and trusted thought leader in the Bitcoin sector, Marty Bent. While many have marveled at the prospect of environmentally conscious Bitcoin mining, Great American Mining has successfully executed and built out the gas conversion and electrical infrastructure along with active PDUs and software necessary to control a decentralized network of mining nodes throughout hydrocarbon rich fields. Furthermore, Great American Mining’s strategic focus on off-grid energy generation as part of the long-term viability of their business is another reason why we are excited to partner with them. Mining off-grid significantly decreases operational risk over time as demand for on-grid power purchase agreements from bitcoin miners and other energy consumers gets more competitive.

Furthermore, this presents an immense opportunity in scale for us to pursue, as all of the vented/flared gas in the US converted to electrical power would yield approximately 7.4 GW, which in turn represents about 50-70% of the total power converted by the Bitcoin network currently.


This calculator presents the historical daily block reward based on the miner’s share of global hash rate applied to the global daily mining rewards including transaction fees. The more commonly used “Difficulty Method” of calculating rewards presents a theoretical estimate of mining rewards. The Miner’s Share method presented here is calculated off of actual historical data and is a more accurate method of calculating historic mining rewards. This method has been validated to within 1-2% of real mining results.

This calculator is provided as an approximation of reward mechanism of the Bitcoin blockchain, it does not constitute investment advice. This calculator is based on theory and cannot account for statistical variations in solving the cryptographic hash-function, or various real world phenomena that may affect the actual performance of a cryptocurrency mine such as: degradation of mining equipment, the need for mining equipment maintenance, and/or electrical/heating issues. Fortress Blockchain and its affiliates are not responsible for the consequences of any decisions or actions taken in reliance upon, or as a result of the information, provided by this tool. Fortress Blockchain is not responsible for any human or mechanical errors, or omissions.

All Regional Energy Prices based on national averages in USD

US price: = $0.0663/kWh
Canadian price: C$0.07039/kWh ÷ 1.30 = $0.0541/kWh
Iceland price: EUR 0.080/kWh ÷ 0.81 = $0.0987/kWh
China price: RMB 0.548/kWh ÷ 6.33 = $0.0866/kWh


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